Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning In Suffolk County, NY

While nature usually does a great job of keeping trees looking beautiful, sometimes work is needed to maintain their elegant appearance.  Whether you own a business that needs to maintain a professional appearance throughout the year or you’d like to keep your trees looking beautiful year round at home, we can provide the pruning needed. There are different types of methods toward pruning and trimming your trees in Suffolk County, NY.

Elevating: Some tree branches hang too low to the ground. This can interfere with people trying to walk. We will trim and cut the branches to a reasonable height so they don’t interfere with walkways like a sidewalk.

Thinning: Light is a crucial factor toward the health of a tree.  After years and years of growth with no trimming, sometimes branches and leaves block the center of the tree therefore blocking any access light has on the center of the tree. We will trim and prune branches to allow more light into the tree. Wind is also important. Only because if it can’t flow through the center of the tree, it will hit outer branches. This will most certainly create broken branches and possible structural damage.

Crown Reduction: Sometimes a tree may have grown to be too tall or large for its space. It may be blocking someone’s line of sight or interfering with power lines and other objects.  We can provide crown reduction to reduce the overall size, this is a good alternative to tree removal.

Tree Pruning Advice In Suffolk County, NY

There are other detrimental methods of tree pruning that will harm your tree and set you up for a huge problem in the future. If you speak to a tree Service Company and they mention “topping,” run away fast. Topping is the most expensive way to prune a tree, it also creates large wounds in your tree that will allow fungus and other disease to enter and eventually kill your tree.