Tree Services

Tree Services In Suffolk County, NY

Suffolk County Tree Service provides a wide range of tree services throughout Long Island and Suffolk County, NY. We consider ourselves the best people to call for your tree service needs due to our reliability, and experience. Some of the tree services we specialize in include tree removal, tree pruning, tree planting, trimming, deadwood removal, stump grinding, tree disease control, lot clearing, hazardous tree assessments, and storm damage cleanups.

Our Experience providing Suffolk County Tree Service

Our tree experts have years and years of experience. They’re fully licensed, insured and bonded. Not only that but they can handle size tree that you need help with. We have past experience working with some of the largest trees on Long Island, NY as well as some of the smallest trees.  We only use the most up to date, modern equipment. This includes machinery like chainsaws, bucket trucks, and stump grinders. By using up to date equipment, we can perform Suffolk tree service for you in a more efficient manner.

Suffolk tree trimmerSuffolk tree service safety

Your safety, our tree team’s safety, as well as your property’s protection are paramount to us. The very first thing we plan for and think about is safety and protection.  By utilizing the latest in safety protocols and continually training our Suffolk tree workers and arborists, we can go into any job knowing full well that everything will go as planned. Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance.

Tree Removal

There are plenty of trees in Suffolk County, and were big admirers of their beauty.  So although we try to save trees from being removed, there are a multitude of reasons they have to come down. Our workers are complete experts in tree removal. They have years of experience, follow the strictest safety protocols, and only use the best in equipment. This is very important because removing a tree is a hazard in itself. You should never ever try to remove a tree by yourself.  Our Suffolk tree removal team utilizes a very thorough, time tested process to removing your trees. Whether Big or small, we can handle it. Trees may have to be removed for a variety of reasons, these include:

  • Damage due to storms (rain, ice, snow, wind)
  • Tree Disease
  • Old Age

Tree Pruning Services in Suffolk County, NY

There’s an art toward tree pruning.  If your trees are looking ragged or run down, we can certainly get them back into shape. Our tree pruning service is perfect for maintaining the health of your trees as well as making them look beautiful again.  Tree pruning involves a number of different methods toward maintaining the health and appearance of your trees.

We may remove branches that interfere with buildings, windows, power lines, vehicles or objects below them, gutters, and roofs. Our Suffolk tree pruning specialists will also cut dead or sick/diseased branches away, and make necessary adjustments to allow more light penetration making for a healthier tree.

Suffolk County, NY Tree Stump Removal Services

Stumps are usually what are left of a tree once it’s been removed. They’re unsightly as well as a safety hazard.  But don’t worry we have trained Suffolk County stump removal workers that use special equipment to get rid of those stumps in your yard. We use something called a stump grinding machine as well as a special chemical treatment to help disintegrate the stump. When we use our equipment, the stump is removed as well as what’s 12 to 14 inches underneath the soil. This way grass will grow over the stump and it’ll appear as though a tree was never there.

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